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Electrical installations consist of transmission lines and appliances that consume electricity. HELLAS ENERGY with the appropriate equipment, monitors and manages the energy consumption of the installation in real time:

  • Real time consumption indicator total per channel.
  • Consumption forecast for day / week / month / year.
  • Energy profile (day / week / month / year consumption rate).
  • Detecting power-consuming devices.
  • Consumption budget.
  • Budget overrun and / or energy profile alerts.
  • Remote central control via switches controlled by remote commands.
  • Information at the site of installation via digital meters, on computer via appropriate software and remotely via internet and / or mobile phone.

With the energy profile of the plant there is a "footprint" which shows the time periods (hours of the day, days of the week, months of the year) where high consumption is present. Then, based on the profiles, the energy-consuming devices are identified and their consumption is assessed in order to save.

Any overrun of the energy profile triggers a possible malfunction alert: If, for example, average power consumption in the morning is 10KW and a 15KW "peak" is detected, this means that some device is over-consuming. Similarly, if an unexpected "sink" occurs at 3KW, it means that something has stopped working.

Based on current consumption and energy profile, consumption for the day / month / year is predicted. The forecast is compared to the budget set and when a possible overshoot is detected the appropriate alert is triggered.

Consumables from the various devices in the plant are historically recorded. On the basis of historical consumption, statistical reports are generated, which identify changes in the installation that led to an increase / decrease in consumption.


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