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Every completed project undertaken by our company is designed and implemented by a well-trained team of executives, who organizes and directs the overall construction to the last detail. From the initial design, the procurement of the equipment, the contractor to its delivery into operation. The in-house design department of HELLAS ENERGY is staffed by highly qualified engineers with extensive experience in the field of renewable energy, with the main concern being the continuous optimization of each project both in design and construction. This continuous optimization process through simulations and innovative applications is backed by valuable company expertise and is an essential asset for any investor.


Technical checks

Our company has extensive experience in the study and control of electromechanical installations. This is evidenced by the volume of electromechanical studies it has carried out and the technical excellence of its executives. We undertake and perform all the controls provided by the relevant standards in electrical installations. These tests may be carried out either on new plants before they are delivered for use or on older ones to verify their completeness. The tests are designed to ensure the safety of personnel handling the respective facilities and to prevent any damage that may occur. Here is a list of indicative controls - metrics provided for by the HD384 standard and we will carry out at your request:

  • Visual inspection and verification of application design satisfaction.
  • Overview of technical leaflets and equipment testing issues.
  • Review of equipment type and series tests.
  • Measure the insulation resistance of the cables.
  • Checking equipotential connections of the substations (if any) and metal inactive parts of the equipment.
  • Electrical measurements on electrical boards (electrical parameter values, phase sequence, fault loop, conductor protection continuity).
  • Perform electrical measurements of the harmonic current and voltage levels in operating mode.
  • Measuring the ground resistance of a conventional power grid.
  • Visual inspection and verification of the satisfaction of the implementation study with respect to the lightning protection system.


HELLAS ENERGY, having many years of experience in the construction of energy projects, provides integrated services for proper and effective preventive and invasive maintenance. Our company has developed nationwide maintenance workshops to ensure immediate troubleshooting. Our goal is to continuously monitor the projects and maintain them properly, thus achieving:

  • Maximum energy efficiency of the installation.
  • Immediate diagnosis of possible injuries and their repair.
  • Reduce stress on equipment and extend its service life.
  • Compliance with the requirements of equipment manufacturers to maintain their warranties.
  • Reduce the likelihood of fire damage due to short circuits from loose cable connections etc.
  • Fulfillment of insurance contractors' requirements for maintenance contracts.
  • Increasing the post-political value of the project.


Installation and operating licenses:

Our company issues installation and operating licenses for:

- Industries - Crafts.
- Stores.
- Leisure and sports areas

Building permits:

We undertake the processing of building permits for each technical project and more specifically for the construction of:

- Detached houses
- Apartment Buildings
- Industrial-Craft spaces
- Shops
- Office buildings
- Leisure and sports areas

We also undertake building permits for:

  • Changing the use of spaces.
  • Repair.
  • Add.
  • Enhancement.
  • Demolition.
  • Small-scale work.


Our Management Consulting Division is mainly active in two areas:


It deals with strategic and business planning, business process redesign, business organization and development, utilization of new technologies and systems, sales and marketing organization, implementation of analytical tools for business strategy planning with business plan development and rational and optimal use of financial resources. Specifically, Counseling Services focuses on Strategic Planning, Counseling, and Alternative Funding.

Strategic planning

- Study, Design, Implementation of Business Plans.
- Feasibility-Sustainability Studies.
- Business Risk Studies.
- Marketing plan studies.
- Market Research.
- Business Reorganization.

Advisory support

- Business Development - Decision Making.
- Business Value Valuation.
- Mergers and Acquisitions.
- Project management.
- Negotiation guidance and support.

Finding financing

- Fundraising (Business Angels, Venture Capital, Private Equity).
- Preparation for listing on the Stock Market (ΕΝΑ, AIM, PLUS).
- Financial Loan Restructuring (TEMPME - Loans).

Certification field

It is about providing consulting services to align businesses with International and National Standards - Management Systems that certify to customers and stakeholders the ability to provide products and services that fully comply with the production and distribution requirements specified. Services include:

  • Quality Management System (ISO 9001: 2008).
  • Environmental Management (ISO 14001, EMAS, ECOLABEL).
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management (ISO18001, ELOT 1801).
  • Food Safety Management (ISO 22000).
  • Organization and Accreditation of Laboratories (ISO 17025).
  • Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR (SA 8000 - ISO 26000).
  • Information Security Management Systems (ISO 27001: 2005).
  • Certification of Educational Services (ELOT 1433).

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