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The preference for Greek products and services is a top necessity today. This is not a vague ideology, but a common sense and practical application. The home economy is a circuit where producers (businesses) and consumers (citizens) trade. When consumers buy products from this particular domestic economy, producers (businesses) hire citizens (consumers) to meet the growing demand. When the latter with the income they earn buy new products from the same circuit, they create new demand for products and services, which in turn results in the recruitment of new citizens (consumers). This creates an upward economic cycle for the benefit of both sides and the state that receives more taxes and social security contributions.


This process breaks down when consumers (citizens), buy products and services outside of the given domestic economy circuit, ie buy imported. This leads to a decrease in demand for domestic products and services and, consequently, to layoffs. By buying imported goods, we are leading our fellow citizens to unemployment while helping to develop foreign economies. We cannot accept fatal contraction until the disappearance of Greek production. If we depend only on imports, the worse for us. We are constantly extending our hand to lend foreigners to buy their products.

It is a fact that there are many or many products that are not produced in our country and that is why we have to buy them from abroad. But there are many homeowners who are equal or better than foreigners. It is absurd to be in deficit in the balance. Today, imports are more than double our exports and this should all help to topple it. Only 20% of imported domestic substitutes would benefit the Greek economy by about € 10 billion a year. This amount could cover total costs (salaries, insurance contributions, etc.) for 600,000 new jobs.

For these reasons, we insist on being Greek, logical, strong or even fanatical. We have to buy Greek products and services because we simply support ourselves, our home, our country. Any amount of money we spend on imported products is lost from this site. It closes Greek businesses. Adds more queues for the unemployed. It leads to greater poverty, unemployment, deadlock, despair. Every amount of money we spend on buying Greek products and services gives life to Greek businesses, jobs to our own people, to fellow citizens, to members of our family.

So when we buy anything, we are constantly looking for Greek products. We consciously choose to be Greek. Why not, we also change some habits. We limit import markets as much as possible. We support our home through difficult times. We support this country that no matter how much it hurts us, it is ours, it comes from a very old age and has a right to the future. We owe it to ourselves and above all to our children.

And let us not only ask what our country does for us, but also what we do for our country.


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