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We are a company active in the field of energy (production - management - saving) and not only. Studies, development applications, production of products and services related to green technology and development are the main focus of our activities.

We provide solutions for autonomous generation of electricity by designing systems tailor-made for our clients' space requirements.

We design and manufacture lighting control and energy management systems for all types of lamps currently on the market.

We manufacture symmetrical and asymmetric motion control and management systems, with protection against loss of neutrality, grid voltage problems, impact loads and harmonics.

We design and manufacture coaxial power correction systems, fixed and automatic. We have one-phase and three-phase models for use from kiosk to industry.

We partner, study, develop and market alternative heating products and services. Ion boilers, electric excitation radiators, induction turbine boilers, hydrogen nitrogen assist systems, up to 100% solar thermal self-heating systems and infrared ceramic bodies.

We innovate with drive and heating systems, based on raw or synthetic oils, whether used or not.

We are leading the way in introducing burners that produce their own fuel (water-based) and heat recovery systems.

The home, the office, the shop, the professional establishment are the environment of the modern man, where he lives and creates, constituting for him a permanent and timeless good and an investment at the same time. So long-lasting and perspective-taking knowledge of the conditions of the future in the present is needed to give the perfect result.

Our philosophy and goal are high quality products and services such as:


Innovative, time-consuming technology solutions.


Respect for the environment.


Fully satisfying customer needs, based on mutual trust relationship.

How to do it:

We are creative people, with knowledge and perspective.
We emphasize on-going training and updating on applicable legislation (safe production, operation, use) and technological applications with experience and excellent technical training.
We record, analyze, study and attempt, based on our client's needs, fully understanding their particular needs and requirements.
We apply all modern quality standards related to the company's activities but also strict criteria regarding specifications and materials selection.


234 Petrou Rally Ave. Nikea, Greece


Email:                 Telephone: (+30) 210 4910550