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Efergy system

In a simple and straightforward way you now have access to your energy costs and know immediately the amount of electricity your appliances consume and the cost of using them. After all, you can't manage something you can't measure.


Get up-to-date information on the amount of electricity your devices consume, targeted and clear.


Knowing how much electricity our appliances consume, you can make targeted changes to their daily use, thereby reducing the cost of our electricity bill.


By now knowing where, how and how much electricity your appliances consume, you can instantly save up to 15% on your bill!


Efergy, wireless technology, is the most practical way to keep track of your electricity consumption and costs, straightforward, simple and straightforward. We offer energy-saving solutions for each of you, whether you are a simple household consumer, a professional or a company. Choose the application that suits you.

Access your energy data anytime, from anywhere:

Create a free user account on our platform, download the corresponding app to your mobile and keep track of your energy consumption in real time. Generating Power Reports: Create and download energy data on your PC / Mac, per day, hour or even minute for each month of use, in * .csv format. Real Time Power Indicator: Reduce your energy requirements and costs by setting a monthly power consumption budget and keeping track of it. Wireless data transmission: 433.75MHz wireless technology, with long range for easy installation. Consumption History: View your energy consumption by day, week, month, or average, in readable graphs.

Use for Nightly Invoice:

Set up multiple billing from your Power Provider, and calculate usage costs per usage period. Discover and reduce your CO2 emissions: The energy footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere by our daily habits, most often associated with energy consumption. Discover your own size today!

Learn how to make good use of your electricity:

Also teach other members of your family or staff how to make the best use of energy to save it! Easy to use and easy to install: Connect the engage hub to your router, create a user account on the ENGAGE platform, and follow 4 simple login and installation steps. Download the free Android and iPhone free app to stay connected and up to date anytime, anywhere.

E.P.M. system

HELLAS ENERGY, in the context of its upgrade in the field of Energy Efficiency and always aiming at the future, enriches its services by adding the sector: Energy Performance Monitoring. As energy costs have already become unbearable for many businesses, buildings and even private homes, the need for energy upgrades immediately arises. Energy Upgrade always starts with a reliable and integrated logging and tracking system. Once again, our company is at the forefront of development by supporting innovative, integrated control and management solutions for our valuable lives and energy. The service is mainly aimed at industries, office buildings, chain stores, commercial buildings, department stores, schools, greenhouses and all kinds of places and businesses that want to intervene to reduce their operating costs and improve the quality of their services. It is a complete energy upgrading solution, starting with recording the current state of the art, continuing with the recording and analysis of consumables and concluding with advice on strategic energy saving interventions. These actions are cyclical as surveillance continuously identifies the most effective intervention points. Specifically, our new Energy Performance Monitoring service includes the following individual services:

  • Energy audit of the existing situation.
  • Creating an Online Account and Real-Time Consumption Monitoring (Building Process Application).
  • Energy Monitoring & Analysis.
  • Create and send Energy Efficiency Reports automatically.
  • Intervention Report.

TED system

Businesses and homes today are exploring techniques and methods to reduce their operating costs. So if we consider that a week consists of 168 hours, how many of these hours is the business open and what is the power consumption during the working days and hours? Let's even consider the use of stand-by mode for all devices for the remaining hours and how much we are charged extra for this pointless operation.

What we suggest

Our company offers a smart tool for measuring and saving power consumption, so that users have an integrated view of exactly what they are spending on a device level, on the other hand, they can immediately reduce their operating costs by using these devices properly. At the same time, the system achieves proper use of all power consuming devices and contributes substantially to the reduction of CO2 emissions to the environment. Extremely easy to use and simple to install, the system requires no special knowledge of IT or electricity and returns the investment in a very short time.

Immediate return on investment

The time of return on your investment varies depending on the installation option, the number of connected devices, and your energy provider's pricing policy. Depending on this information, the return on investment can be from 6 to 18 months. The system measures the consumption, costs and CO2 emissions for each device connected to the network. In addition, it allows you to automatically shut down devices by scheduling or through a stand-by killer mechanism. However, Source software protects some devices such as computers, servers from being automatically shut down.

Brief Description of the System

The power management system consists of a series of smart devices, sensors and software suitable for their management. Devices are on the one hand to measure power consumption and on the other hand to switch on or off the power supply. They are plugged into the outlet, the power panel or anywhere in the circuit and measure the energy passing through them. The measurements are cached within the devices themselves, and when a dedicated USB stick is found within the range, the data is transmitted to it via a wireless network (2.4 GHz Zigbee). From the USB Stick the data is transferred to the computer where the software is located, which also processes and manages the data. The operating rules of the devices (when they allow electricity to pass and when not, under what conditions in conjunction with the sensors, etc.) are formulated in the system software and then wirelessly transported and stored locally on the devices themselves.

Competitive Advantages of the System

The proposed system offers interesting competitive advantages, such as:

Wireless communication:

The fact that the network communication is wireless, reduces management and installation costs: no wiring required, allows easy modification or extension of the installation, and in case of relocation the equipment is uninstalled and transferred to the new location. The flexibility and ease of transport of the entire network make the system one of the most popular and attractive energy management systems.

Providing Information even at the level of a job or an outlet:

The system has the ability to provide consumption information, even at the power outlet or workstation level. These data provide an answer to how, where and why energy is consumed and help significantly in management policy decisions.

OFF LINE System Function:

The design of the system has been made with a view to sensitivity to the environment and excessive energy consumption. For this reason, its operation does not require the computer on which the software is installed to remain open. Each device has flash memory, which can hold data for up to one year, and device scheduling is also stored in memory. When the devices "see" the USB stick of the system on-line they wirelessly send the data they hold, and empty their internal memory.

Open Architecture:

A particularly important advantage of the system is the fact that it uses open standards and protocols of modern technologies through its embedded Web Server software. The system can be connected to other applications and systems or even to data mining or business intelligence tools using the most popular methods (XML, Web Services, etc.). Features like SMS messaging, embedded mobile applications, IP phones etc. can also be integrated.

Short Depreciation Time:

Depreciation time, according to the data and experience available in Greece, ranges from 12 to 36 months, giving a very interesting investment.

Benefits of Business from System Operation.

Acquire knowledge of the operation and consumption of electrical appliances.

Get immediate results from startup.

Real-time monitoring of electrical appliances with the possibility of immediate corrective interventions.

Building operation planning and results control.

Historical data and references.

Employee awareness.

PDL system

With PDL (Power Data Loggers) recording systems of HELLAS ENERGY, you can accurately measure and record multiple consumables on the electrical board of a building, an industrial plant, a hotel, a mall, a food establishment, etc. Also, monitor the power balance (incoming-outgoing power) in a substation.


They offer measurements simultaneously in 4x3 phased (+ neutral) or 8x1 phased lines (with further extension capability): Voltage, current, frequency, and energy.

They record measurements for years, on the internal memory or on an SD card.

They record transient phenomena, with storage rates up to 2Hz.

Communicate with recorder and retrieve data via: Ethernet / Internet, GSM / GPRS and RS-232 / USB.

Record simultaneously with 2 or more sensors: for correlation e.g. with ambient temperature, transformer losses, etc.

Usability. Suitable for temporary or permanent installation.

Easy to install, without interruption of installation, using split - core power transformers.

They have comprehensive management software included for free. They produce graphs, statistics and export to Excel.


The importance of keeping track of your consumption in a full-time, energy-saving way and beyond.

Today energy has turned out to be the biggest cost of a business. Therefore, any intervention to reduce electricity consumption is important. PPC's total bill does not lead you to the right saving measures, because it only shows the total energy consumption and not the individual loads (kitchen, air conditioner, refrigerator, etc.) nor when the large consumables were made. It also makes sense to monitor your business for the full time, because then you can identify the major consumables you can intervene in. Therefore, with monitoring, you can draw useful conclusions about the consumption of each device.

HELLAS ENERGY offers the following solutions:


Either get the results of the tracking data analysis from our company as a service.


Either buy the equipment for a permanent installation and monitor your own consumption.


In any case, the equipment can be easily installed on the same day and no power failure is required. We provide ongoing technical support to you or the engineers you work with.

What benefits can you derive from monitoring your consumption during your business full-time? By continuously monitoring total energy consumption and individual loads separately, you can draw useful conclusions and derive multiple benefits, such as:

Limit to many simultaneous consumables. If you exceed the maximum power limit, you will be charged an extra charge. Find out when this happens and change the way your loads work.

Same type of devices and with the same settings (eg two same pumps) consume different energy. Find out who consumes more energy and repair or replace them.

Discover unexpected or unnecessary consumables. For example, how much your permanent "small" consumption is charged to the bill, such as the constant lighting of some places.

How well your automated functions work and consume (such as burners, circulators, pumps, etc.).

Investigate the individual loads and correct the power factor.

If you are eligible for a reduced / overnight bill, identify your energy-consuming processes and transfer them during these hours. Failure to use your reduced billing may also affect your daily billing, through fixed assets.

Compare your activities with consumption statistics by time of day, day of the month, week or season.

Monitor the consumption of the same devices in different operating modes. For example, does the washing machine work full or half full?

What is the relationship between performance and consumption?

For more details on energy issues, please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs and suggest the right solution for your home or business.


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