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The needs of professional spaces for energy savings in space heating and air conditioning, for hot water use and for electricity consumption for own consumption are large and complex. The savings and overall benefit you can have each year in running your business, with the proper use and application of new renewable energy technologies, is the most powerful incentive to immediately consider these solutions. HELLAS ENERGY with years of know-how in energy solutions and with the experience of installing many systems, is able to offer the most complete turnkey energy saving and autonomous solutions for professional and not only occupational spaces covering many different needs. Our primary goal is to deliver a complete, energy-efficient, up-to-date solution for your business and achieve it by:

Analyze your needs and existing systems already in use.

Product and system combination study, design and cost-effectiveness analysis for a high ROI (return on investment) of your investment.

Supply of quality branded and certified products & equipment.

Installation of systems in all sectors involved (electrical - plumbing, etc.) by specialized workshops and project supervision.

Delivery of project in operation.

Maintenance & Support after completion of the project for smooth and seamless operation.

Your advisor:

Whatever your energy needs are, the HELLAS ENERGY trained energy consultant will come to your place, record it and offer you the best solution.

Visit for information on your site:

Our technical consultant is available to tell you in detail about home energy production, management and energy saving systems, as well as the benefits you will enjoy after installing them. You can discuss any relevant queries with them and select the system (s) to suit your needs. It will gather all the information we need to design the ideal solution that suits your needs and give you the maximum benefit.

Feasibility study:

Our qualified engineers study the data available and design the unique solution that produces maximum performance and fits the needs of every home or business. We will deliver a complete feasibility study that will include:


Design of the proposed system.


Calculate the performance of the system and the financial benefits you will have for each year of operation.


Cost and funding proposals.

This way you will be sure to get the best solution, with the highest return and the best financing.

Ensure better financing:

HELLAS ENERGY cooperates with all Greek banks and designs for you the best financing packages according to your specific needs and requirements. It ensures your best and fastest service as well as privileged interest and repayment terms.

Ένταξη στο πρόγραμμα εξοικονομώ κατ΄οίκον:

Heat pumps, solar and hybrid heating systems of HELLAS ENERGY are owned by Renewable Energy Sources and you do not need to invest your own funds. With the 'Home Savings' program you are able to subsidize up to 70% of your total investment and the rest of the amount to be funded without interest.

Completion of procedures with PPC and the public:

Installing an energy system does not mean messing with applications, paperwork and other bureaucratic processes. We undertake all the processes necessary for managing the grant file and licensing to Banks, PPC and other services. You only sign the necessary authorizations and contracts, we do the rest.

Power System Installation:

Our trained, certified and experienced technicians install your systems in the boiler room, on the roof of your roof or wherever needed. In particular, the photovoltaic system will be interconnected to the grid and delivered to operation after being set up and tested by our technicians for maximum performance. All of this will be done in a short amount of time, usually one to two days, and with minimal discomfort for you.

Maintenance of your system:

Our systems do not require regular maintenance, other than cleaning once every 2-3 months, especially if they are in an area with excessive dust. However, if you want the utmost confidence in the smooth operation and maximum performance of your system, we have regular preventive inspection and maintenance programs. This way you will be sure that your system produces the highest possible result for you and the environment. Ask us about the annual maintenance plans available.

Remote monitoring of your system performance:

You can track your system performance even daily through a dedicated web site that only you can access through a special password. There are plenty of statistics available for your system, so you always know how much power you need and prevent possible malfunctions. All this is available at a small fixed cost for the installation of the interface and annual monitoring fee.


Energy Inspections:

Energy audit is a systematic process aimed at saving energy, which applies to both the building sector and industry and applies to all energy technologies. The Energy Audit of Buildings was also regulated in our country by the Energy Efficiency of Buildings Regulation (KENAK) and the Presidential Decree on Energy Inspectors, as well as by the establishment of the Special Service of Energy Inspectors. This regulatory framework introduces a new energy regulation, which provides clear guidelines and guidelines for the rational energy study of buildings and enables rapid and inexpensive inspection of buildings. Conducting an energy audit gives a clear picture of the state of the building from an energy point of view and proposes specific measures that will result in significant energy savings and a corresponding economic benefit. For the transfer or rental of your property it is necessary to be preceded by a certified energy inspector. HELLAS ENERGY provides you with an energy audit service with experienced certified energy inspectors who will suggest the most suitable solutions for you and will issue your building's energy certificate quickly and safely.


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