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Because energy saving is one way to drastically reduce costs and also make a small contribution to a better environment. HELLAS ENERGY is innovating in the field of telemetry. MetSco is a robust and integrated metering and presentation system that allows you to track all the consumables of an installation in detail. It is a complete solution, including:

  • Internet services,
  • Installing smart meters or operating an existing metering system,
  • Supervision of proper operation

Software development has been done in a way targeted to cloud services in order to achieve:

  • Easy access and customization
  • Compatible with a wide range of smart meters and metering systems (Kamstrup, Cewe, Gavazzi, etc.).
  • Scalable to additional needs and features

The application is designed to work effectively for both individual customers (individuals) and large-scale projects under the direction of their development bodies (industrial consumers / metering networks). In-depth information is provided to:


  • know in detail how much they consume and under what conditions
  • record and compare the different heating measurements
  • plan the use of district heating and their costs
  • become environmentally aware.


  • have access to aggregated data on users' consumption
  • be able to supervise and statistically process measurements using the use of selection filters
  • monitor the location of the metrics on a map
  • to extract information that may refer the service to preventive maintenance work
  • print and send performance reports to consumers.

Smart meters, interfaces with internet services, telemetry systems, automation and more are the best possible start to save energy.


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