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Wind is a natural phenomenon caused by the rotation of the earth, the pressure difference in the atmosphere and the temperature difference between the water and the land.

Since ancient times, the exploitation of wind energy has played an important role in the development of the economy and human needs. First with windmills and sailing boats and now in modern times the conversion of wind energy to electricity.

Wind energy is the energy produced by the exploitation of the wind. This energy is termed "mild form of energy" and is included in "clean" sources, as it is customary to say non-polluting or polluting sources of energy. The earliest form of wind energy exploitation was the sails of the first sailing ships and much later the windmills on land. It is called Aeolian because in Greek mythology Aeolus was the god of the wind.

Wind energy is now an attractive solution to the problem of electricity generation. "Fuel" is abundant, decentralized and free. No greenhouse gases and other pollutants are released, and the environmental impact is small compared to conventional fuels. Also, the economic benefits of a region from the development of the wind industry are significant.

Wind Parks or Wind Power Stations: Current technology is based on 2 or 3 blades horizontal shaft wind turbines with an output of 200 - 400kW. Once a windy area has been identified - and if the necessary measurements and studies have preceded it - a few dozen wind turbines, which form a "wind park", are being used to harness its wind potential. Installation of each wind turbine takes 1-3 days. At first the tower is lifted and placed partly on the foundations. Then lift the fuselage to the top of the tower. At the base of the tower is the rotor or rotor (horizontal axis, on which the blades are attached), which is the movable part of the wind turbine. The fuselage includes the system of converting mechanical energy into electricity. The rotor is then lifted and attached to the shaft. Finally, the necessary electrical connections are made.

Our company offers integrated solutions for the protection of wind power plants:

  • Special installation MCBs. Thermal and magnetic protection of cabling and machinery, both on the AC side and on the DC side.
  • AC / DC Charge Switches. A load switch enables the load to be isolated from the power output.
  • Inverter. The voltage converter is the unit where by means of power electronics and bridges converts the produced DC voltage into AC.
  • Monitoring instruments. Power meters, Network Analyzers of all electrical sizes, Direct or Remote monitoring and control systems of all electrical quantities.
  • Overvoltage protection. As the installation is fully exposed to all weather conditions and due to all the loads it handles, lightning protection from overvoltages and superconductors of both environmental factors and the circuit is considered necessary.
  • Mounting cabinets. Polyester cabinets, reinforced with glass fibers and with a 20-year warranty, are the most important part of the installation as it accommodates all protective circuit devices.

Small Wind Parks

HELLAS ENERGY provides all the services needed for the development, study, licensing and implementation of small hydroelectric power plants.

Water potential energy measurements: Our company has a water flow measurement laboratory. The measurement of the flow is essential for the determination of the energy production of small hydroelectric power plants.

Study of small hydroelectric power plants: Includes energy study, optimization of MHS, equipment selection, as well as all implementation studies for construction of projects. We use state-of-the-art software and the valuable experience of our executives.

Small Hydro Power Plants Licensing: Includes the issuance of any license required by Greek and European law. Our company undertakes every step of licensing an EHS of any size.

Implementation of small hydro power plants MIS: The collaboration with HELLAS ENERGY before and during the construction of a hydro power plant ensures the investor the optimal choice of equipment, the proper organization and implementation of the construction work, the control and the receipt of the works. and equipment of the project, securing operational maintenance contracts.


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