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The sea covers most of the earth and is a huge storehouse of kinetic energy stored in waves, tides and sea currents. The oceans, as natural savers, can provide us with enormous amounts of energy. There are three main ways to harness the energy of the sea:

  • From the waves:

The kinetic energy of the waves can rotate the turbine as shown in the adjacent figure. The lifting motion of the wave pushes the air upward into the chamber and rotates the turbine so that the generator generates current. This is just one type of wave energy exploitation.

  • From the tides:

Inbound tidal waters on the coast can be trapped in dams, whereby stored water is released and drives a water turbine, such as in hydroelectric plants. The most suitable places to build power stations are the narrow estuaries.

  • Sea Water Temperature Differences:

The thermal energy of the oceans can also be exploited by exploiting the temperature difference between the warmer surface water and the colder bottom water. Ocean thermal conversion technology first uses hot water to heat a special chamber with a low boiling point such as ammonia or a mixture of ammonia and water. When this mixture boils, the gas released creates enough pressure to drive a gas turbine that produces the energy. This gas then freezes as it passes through the cold water of the ocean floor.


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