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Passive solar systems are building blocks that, without the use of mechanical means and by the laws of heat transfer, collect solar energy, store it in the form of heat, and distribute it in space. The collection of solar energy is based on the greenhouse effect and, in particular, the entry of solar radiation through glass or other transparent material and the trapping of heat inside the room. Passive solar systems are also combined with natural lighting techniques, as well as passive solar systems and techniques for summer cooling of buildings. They can be applied to both new and existing buildings. A building that includes passive heating, cooling or even natural lighting systems, constructed or modified from the outset, is called a "bioclimatic building" and can meet much of its energy needs by direct or indirect use of solar energy.

Passive solar systems for space heatingPassive solar systems for space cooling
By placing large windows on the south side of a building we allow the sunlight to pass through the room and heat it in the winter.By placing mobile shades on the south windows, we prevent sunlight from passing through the summer.
Using appropriate materials on the walls and floor to absorb and store the heat of the sun during the day and to provide it at night for space heating purposes.Ensuring that there are skylights in appropriate places in the house to create air currents.

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