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HELLAS NRG cooperates with the following energy saving product companies:

LED lighting from V-TAC

V-TAC - the Europe's trusted LED supplier - is the European team of the multinational V-TAC, which has branches in Bulgaria (Sofia), United Kingdom (London), in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Dubai), India (Bombay), Hungary (Budapest), Romania (Bucharest), Austria (Vienna).

V-ТАС is a registered trademark that gave birth to the idea of photodiode lighting. Our main goal is the design, development and dissemination of all kinds of LED lighting solutions, with the main objective of producing consumer products and achieving the best price / quality ratio.


All V-ТАС products are manufactured after thorough research on their applicability and practicality, with the main objective being to consume less energy and be environmentally friendly. With the growing popularity of LED technology worldwide, V-ТАС strives to remain one of the pioneers worldwide in the development and dissemination of this technology and to offer the most up-to-date solutions in its product list.

V-ТАС has partnered with leading companies to promote its product range and is already present in Europe, the Middle East and Asia as one of the best brands offering high quality LED products.

Infrared heating by MICA

It all started in 1985 when our first steps in the manufacture of electrical resistors were exclusively devoted to machinery that produces plastics.

It has been several years since our company, with the continuous development of its products, has shaped its own potential in the market of electrothermal constructions.


Closed-type resistors, High-charge tubes, Tubular with built-in thermocouples, Infrared heating systems, Light and Dark heat emitters.

UV sterilization systems, Heated cardigans and tubes are products that we first manufactured and promoted in the Greek market.

Through our many years of experience and the knowledge we have gained, we effectively intervene by providing solutions to difficult heating applications where we are asked to:

Olympic projects, Attica Metro, Suburban Railway, OSE and ERGOSE, Democritus Nuclear Physics Institute, Athens Technical University and all those who trust us every day for their small or large demands.


234 Petrou Rally Ave. Nikea, Greece


Email:                 Telephone: (+30) 210 4910550