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Systems for proper and efficient energy management (BEMS) systems are installed with the aim of saving energy and efficient use of a building. The installation of the energy management system is intended to supervise or even control the electrical and mechanical installations of the building in order to allow immediate access, smooth operation, configuration and data analysis of all installations from one control station. (time scheduling, division of the building into zones of use, temperature recording, checking of machinery status, data storage, etc.). At the same time, it monitors and records the behavior of renewable energy systems installed in the building, thermal comfort of premises, air-conditioning installations, passive solar systems, lighting and natural cooling, electricity consumption and electricity consumption. and generates files with statistics. Energy management systems are applicable to hotels, corporate and corporate buildings, and usually include the installation of automated direct control and power outages such as:

  • Motion detectors for opening or closing lights.
  • Air conditioner shutdown systems in case of window opening.
  • Specific cargo monitoring system connected to automatic cessation of automation as soon as specific demand is approaching.
  • Key removal and placement system for electric charge control, mainly in hotel rooms.

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