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LED lighting

At a time when the financial crisis has hit each of us and where businesses are struggling to find ways to save money, it is an opportunity to protect the environment by saving money (especially businesses and government buildings, with LED bulbs installed, almost extinguishes capital over time or less). But before we talk about the economic and environmental benefits of using LED technology lamps, it is good to inform the consumer why energy saving lamps to date, despite the fact that they save energy, are potentially a threat to the environment and to humans.


The following lamps contain mercury, they must be in a special container and they need a special recycling procedure. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO BE TREATED CAREFULLY, WHILE THEY BREAK THEIR ENVIRONMENT, MERRY!

  • Fluorescent straight lamps.
  • Compact fluorescent lamps.
  • High pressure discharge lamps, including
  • sodium, mercury and lamps
  • Metal halide lamp.

Recycle light bulbs and help the environment. Used light bulbs are promoted to specialized recycling industries and they provide the following:



The amount of glass is used to make new lamps.



The resulting amount of metal is fully recycled.


Fluorescent powder

Fluorescent powders are separated and reused.



After cleaning it is reused.

General precautions for lamps

With the removal of incandescent lamps, more and more mercury-containing lamps (energy saving or energy saving lamps) will be used. This mercury and its derivatives can enter our ecosystem. It is therefore the responsibility of all of us to limit these possibilities.

When screwing or unscrewing the lamps, hold them by their plastic base and not by the glass cover. Place the glowing lamp in the box of the new lamp safely and finally in the Photocycle Lamp Collection Bin.

If a light bulb breaks during the collection process, it is important to follow the procedure below:


We open the window-a to ventilate the room for several hours.


During the collection of fragments we wear gloves.


We collect the waste and wrap it in airtight packaging.


Lamp fragments to be collected by self-adhesive tape and not by any other means.


Do not use a vacuum cleaner because the mercury vapor contained in the lamps will spread throughout the room and the vacuum cleaner.


Store it in a lamp recycle bin.

After the information that the state had to provide to every citizen about economy lamps, let's talk about LED (semiconductor) light bulbs. LED lamps achieve the same light output, with energy consumption 10 times lower than incandescent lamps or 3-4 times smaller than OX lamps, because the light they emit is directional and perfectly focused, resulting in much greater light intensity. and do not emit high temperatures at the same time. Their lifespan ranges from 30,000 to 50,000 hours with prospects exceeding 100,000 hours.


Now, new technology LED lamps can replace any type of lamp (fluorescent, GU10, headlamps, sodium, etc.) with obvious economic and environmental benefits. Imagine if as a state we were changing all the lamps on the poles of the provincial and suburban roads (about 5,500,000 250 watt lamps) we would save 4,500 TW per year. That is about 4,500 Mt less CO2 in the atmosphere. That is, we would not need to operate the Ptolemais plant. Equivalent would be like planting 80,000,000 million trees. As for the cost of these 4,500 TW at a price of 0.11529 € / KWh we save 600,000,000 € per year. With an investment cost of around € 1 billion which is paid for by appropriate agreement, depending on the savings made in 1 - 1.5 years. The same financial data applies to any trader who switches on light bulbs, and obviously the longer the lights work, the faster the initial investment costs are depreciated. For example, three 250W headlamps lit 12 hours each night 365 days a year cost PPC 415,00 € per year while their LED counterparts cost 50.00 €. Annual profit of € 365.00 and about three tonnes of CO₂ less in the atmosphere.

In conclusion, the new technology LED lamps are an eco-friendly, economical and high quality product with a wide range of applications indoors and outdoors, professionals, individuals and the public sector.

Lighting management systems

Lighting management is much more than using a motion sensor. It is the optimum interface to control units, light and motion sensors, electronic ignition systems that perform much more. Increasing energy costs requires a highly efficient lighting solution. Stricter guidelines such as Energy Efficiency of Buildings can be more easily monitored with control-oriented applications. A lighting management system enables all this through the use of smart sensors. The professional management system offers a differentiation either because of the creative lighting that not only saves energy but makes the use of the space a whole new experience, or through a different mood lighting that makes e.g. guests of a restaurant feel at home. Discover new lighting and energy-saving features. Take a closer look at professional lighting management solutions for new technologies with our help. Explore new opportunities for you, your customers, and your staff. Take advantage of our expertise in lighting and energy management projects. Projects always run on the basis of personalized, innovative and energy-efficient ideas - lighting and management solutions from a simple room to an entire building.


Power compensation systems

All electrical installations, except the active power for their operation, also consume active power. The two types of power are provided by the PPC network at similar rates, which is a minimization of electricity at power plants and an increased cost to consumers. In these cases, we use reactive power compensation capacitor arrays, which provide the required reactive power to the electrical installations without the assistance of the PPC network with the following advantages:

  • Demand Reduction (KVA).
  • Increase the available energy on the transformer substation.
  • Reduction of voltage drop and losses in distribution cables.
  • Increase in the power factor of the installation ≥0.97.
  • Apparently reduced cost accounting in PPC pricing, which is extinguished in a short time.

The reactive power compensation is automatically serialized in one to six steps, depending on the current consumption of the electrical installation. Ready-made cosmic correction boards, with the necessary capacitors, automatic switching instrument (3 - 4 - 6 - 8 - 12 steps), capacitor relays and all other necessary accessories, in metal paint panels painted with RAL 7032 epoxy paint.

Voltage stabilization system

The High Frequency Switch Mode Technology Stabilizers promoted by our company are designed to provide complete protection against voltage surges, drafts & transient phenomena but also to filter electronic noise in small loads of computers, printers, printers, and printers. fax, call centers as well as many electronic machines with much greater power. At the same time they have:

  • Power range from 200 VA to 4000KVA.
  • High response speed.
  • Processor output voltage control and adjustment.
  • Zero Distortion.
  • Static bypass switch.
  • High performance.
  • Galvanic isolation.
  • Voltage stabilization <± 0.5%.
  • Large input range.
  • Complete microprocessor control.
  • Self Test Function.
  • Computer communication software.

Harmonic current filters

The current that will be absorbed by the mains depends on the load being fed. At a charge of an ohmic resistor (linear charge) the current from which it flows has the same waveform as the voltage of the power source, approximately sine. In a non-linear load (motor) the total resistance changes with the change of voltage and a non-sinusoidal current occurs. Harmonic currents are generated by nonlinear loads. Harmonic currents are the components of the current with a frequency multiplied by the 50Hz supply frequency that supplies the respective load. Due to the 3rd order harmonic components, problems such as:

  • Increasing network losses.
  • Reduce the life of transformers.
  • Reduce the life span of capacitors used to compensate for the cosine.
  • Anomalies in the operation of electrical appliances.

Ο περιορισμός των αρμονικών συνιστωσών 3ης τάξης επιτυγχάνεται με τη χρήση κατάλληλων φίλτρων, τα οποία εγκαθίστανται στην είσοδο του δικτύου τροφοδοσίας και με τα οποία μπορεί να επιτευχθεί περιορισμός έως και 95% του ρεύματος των 150Hz (3η αρμονική) που διαρρέει τον ουδέτερο αγωγό.

Uninterruptible power systems

UPS uninterruptible power supply systems ensure that transient phenomena are smoothed out, such as power outages and sinking voltages appearing on the power grid. Electronic devices (eg computers, servers) need to be protected from the transient phenomena of power supply and its immediate restoration. The UPS performs two main functions to protect the loads it supplies:

  • They store energy in batteries to power the load in the absence of the power supply.
  • They improve the quality of the generated alternating voltage so that an ideal sinusoidal waveform is obtained with the right value and frequency for the supply voltage.

Technology advances in the field of power electronics have also contributed significantly to the development of uninterruptible power systems.

Our company has qualified personnel for the installation and technical support of uninterruptible power systems capable of meeting your every need.


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